With Chloe

I was brought up to believe that when I got older, I would need three things: 1) A husband, 2) kids, and 3) some career with a company that provided a steady paycheck, healthcare, and a 401k.

Despite my best efforts, the only thing I was able to get my hands on was two office jobs (both of which I stayed for over 3 years) — and while I excelled in “doing what I was told to do”, each job left me feeling underwhelmed, uninspired, and unhappy.

The thought of being my own boss was a tiny wish I stored in the back of my mind as I attended boring meetings and worked on uninteresting projects for companies that hardly gave a shit about my well-being or quality of life. As long as I was doing my job, that was good enough for them.

One day as I was slouching in my cubicle, trying to juggle my unchallenging workload with freelance work I actually enjoyed — I had an epiphany…

WHAT IF I’m not meant to be working in an office for someone else?

WHAT IF I’m supposed to help others discover the the power behind their branding, create plans and processes for their dreams, and design sites + collateral based on a foundation of their mission and goals?

So I quit… and in the summer of 2018, With Chloe was born.



With Chloe is a petite creative studio based in Jersey City, NJ specializing in branding, print + digital design, and strategic planning for visionary makers and doers.



Chloe is the daughter of a hard working business man who immigrated to America from the Philippines with his lovely wife and bright, little son. Born in Manhattan, New York in the month of July, Chloe proves to be the truest form of a Cancer sign by wearing her heart on her sleeve and saying “I feel” more than “I think”.

When Chloe was barely a toddler, her family made the decision to move from Queens, New York to a suburb in New Jersey — molding her into a full fledged ‘Jersey Girl’. 

Her childhood dreams consisted of: Working for Lisa Frank, meeting The Jets, and coaxing her parents into taking her to Roy Rogers for the Fixins Bar.

She grew up listening to Bon Jovi, understanding what jughandles were, enjoying cheeseburger deluxe meals from her local diner, working at most of the malls in the county, and surviving 3 spiral perms — might want to add that she didn’t pump her own gas until 2009 when she became a California resident.

Fast-forward — back in New Jersey (she will probably never leave) with a Bachelor’s in Applied Science of Graphic Design, she couldn’t find a job in her field… mostly because companies claimed she ’lacked experience’.

Not letting that get her down, she sought out to gain experience in other areas of work from retail sales associate, server in the food industry, and front desk staff at a gym, to office manager for a financial firm and product manager for a digital media company — while moonlighting as a freelance graphic designer.

Every single job she’s held has shaped her work ethic and expertise in project management, strategic planning, user experience, creating/applying business standards, and designing cohesive branding and marketing. She brings a fresh perspective to her client’s vision then executes intentional and significant design.

That experience and knowledge has landed her here: as the owner of With Chloe, a petite creative studio based in Jersey City, NJ devoted to people who have dreams that reach further than a dull 9 to 5.

Chloe is obsessed with fine point black ink pens, Sharpie markers, and Post-Its. She has the ability to desire iced coffee all year long. In addition to collecting Japanese fashion magazines, she’s also addicted to binge watching Korean reality shows about cooking, mukbang videos, and vlogs. She’s part-hoarder and part-so-freakin-organized-it’s-stupid. Top three things Chloe may hear daily: 1) Omg, you’re hair is soooooo pretty, 2) Omg, you’re skin is soooooo soft, and 3) Omg, your laughhhh is the besssst!

Her current dreams are to be a cartoon voice over actress, a successful business owner, and to take care of her family.

The one (or two or four) thing(s) you should take away from this random bio is that Chloe is the type of person who wants to do good and be good. She’s a hard worker, and thinks of others before she thinks of herself. She respects and appreciates transparency, good communication, realness, and believes in crafting an educational and fun experience for her clients. 




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