006 / Control by Janet Jackson, 1986

The weather sucks and I needed a feel good song... enter "When I Think of You" by Janet Jackson.

Truth be told, the album cover should be more of a cranberry hue (see Spotify thumbnail below) but for the sake of time I'll stick to what the internets has bestowed upon me. I'll tell you though, the fact that it's not cranberry is killing me.

Some fun facts for you (from here / here):

  • The album Control is officially 31 years old this year. Feel old?
  • Control was Janet Jackson's first studio creation after firing her daddy and annulling her marriage to James DeBarge (1/5 of the popular group, DeBarge... you know them!) and what helped her break into the Pop Music Scene.
  • "When I Think of You" was Janet's first No. 1 hit.