008 / The Beatles (aka White Album) by The Beatles, 1968

Did you know that this album isn't actually called the White Album (while it is known as the White Album), and it's actual name is The Beatles

I'm a huge fan of The Beatles (most people know this about me) and one my most favorite songs in the entire world lives on The Beatles... it's called "I Will".

While this song is on The Beatles, it actuality doesn't involve all of The Beatles. Paul wrote it, sings lead and back up, and even provides a "vocal bass" -- John and Ringo provide support with other instruments.

There are a few notable covers I'd also like to share with you: One is a reggae cover by John Volt (amazing) and Ben Taylor's cover that he recorded for Bye Bye Love back in 1995 (he sounds just like this dad, James Taylor!).