my creative process

No two projects are the same, each requires attention to detail and lots of effort to create something that does exactly what you need it to! However, without process there is no progress and below is generally how I navigate through our time together. Research and your feedback is key!


1. Tell me about your project

So you've checked out my site, you've peeped my work, and you can seriously say you'd like to work with me. That is grrreat! The next step is for you to get in contact with me so we can either start an email thread or schedule a phone call to talk about your project and see if we are a good fit!

Just in case, please don't forget to review my Offerings + Investments guide.


2. Quote, Contract, + Deposit

You like me! You really like me! Once we have verbally agreed we're going to become the next Batman and Robin (you can be Batman), I will begin the onboarding process. This always begins with sending you a quote, contract, and deposit invoice all in one shot.

Once you accept your quote, [virtually] sign your contract, and pay your first invoice — you have booked my time. That’s it… I’m hopelessly devoted to you. Cue the Grease soundtrack Rizzo, we’re getting started!

NEXT STEPS FOR BRANDING/WEB CLIENTS ONLY: Welcome email with resources, questionnaire, and vision workshop


3. Details + Approach: Research

The complexity of my research depends on the type of project I’m working on. If you think research can be skipped for your design, think again — it’s essential to take note of what else is out there, current design trends, what your competition is designing, color psychology, typography, and layout.

Hands down, I can definitely say researching is the most essential part of my process.

NEXT STEPS FOR BRANDING/WEB CLIENTS ONLY: Creative brief and/or website wireframe


4. Design, Feedback, + Revise

This part of my process is broken down into three parts: Design and two rounds of edits. The second round of edits is always intended to be our final round. Additional rounds of edits or additional design requests outside of our initial project scope are charged at my hourly rate.


5. Final Payment + Deliverables

After we finalize our design and you are happy with the end product, I will send you an invoice for your final payment. I will send you your deliverables [or launch your site] within 24 hours of receiving your payment.