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  • A deposit is required for ALL projects to book my time or to place the project on my calendar. The deposit amount will be discussed upon hiring me. I do not begin a project without a deposit… EVER.

  • Some projects will require a 50% deposit or 100% payment upfront. Specifically, this refers to RUSH projects and smaller one-off projects (should my schedule permit).

  • Deposits and upfront payments are NON-REFUNDABLE. Please consider the time and thought I put into your project.

  • Communication is so important. Please note that my preferred communication is email NOT texts. This provides me a thread or conversation to refer to when working on our project together. No communication results in no progress, thus making the turnaround time for your project later than discussed. Please do not put me in a difficult position by being unresponsive to my follow ups.

  • I require all assets (content, imagery, logo files, and copy) for our project before I begin designing. If you are not ready with these items by the time you sign our contract and pay your deposit, you have an additional 7 days to provide them to me. If you need help creating these items, an additional conversation will be needed. Please note that not being able to produce assets will result in delaying your project and pushing back your deadline.

  • Detailed feedback is KEY! I cannot fully execute your vision without your honest feedback — please also keep in mind as your design professional, I will provide reasoning behind how/why I crafted something the way I did. It will always be to the benefit of your audience and inline with the idea you shared with me.

  • My prices do not include the costs for: printing, domain name hosting, web space hosting, stock photography, fonts, and third-party graphics (i.e. icons). If our project will require any of these items, I will seek your approval before I make the purchase on your behalf. That amount will be added to your final invoice.

  • While I do work all hours of each day, to keep my sanity I implement office hours. From Monday through Friday, between 9AM to 7PM, I am available to you via email and text. Please note — I prefer email!





How soon can we get started?

Generally it takes me a week to get you on board with an initial consultation about your project specifics, your project quote, our contract, and your deposit. Once I receive a signed contract AND your deposit, your project is placed into my schedule and I begin researching and brainstorming.

I need something in a hurry, can you do it?

Maybe. I currently have paying clients who I devote my time and effort to, but depending on the complexity of your request and my schedule — we may be able to work something out. Please note, your ASAP project is subject to my RUSH FEES.

What are your RUSH FEES?

Any projects needed ASAP [that I have agreed to do] will be charged a RUSH FEE accordingly: Under 3 days: $250, under 7 days: $200, under 14 days: $150. This payment will be required UPFRONT before the project begins and I will use my discretion on whether or not a round of edits will be granted.